Enochian Message to Humanity

The messages recorded come to you in the Language of Hibiru, an Ancient Language of Light known to have been the first language used on the planet (Adamic) at the beginning of this time cycle. This language, also known as the language of the Angels speaks directly to your Soul. The message is received by your Soul and you are then able to follow the direction required when you are ready to the next step in your Spiritual path. It is not interpreted because the English language could not completely capture the essence of the Light contained herein. There is also the human filter to consider. That is, if I were to interpret the message into English, my own education from this lifetime and previous lifetimes would colour the message to my understanding. Then when the message is passed on to the recipient, they would also interpret the message to the level of their understanding, and here lies the danger of misinterpretation as it is passed down the line. The language bypasses the ego and therefore the message is Pure in its original state. This language is a Universal language and is understood at the Highest Level by all Beings that follow the Law of One, the Christ Consciousness and the purpose is to awaken to our original Divinity and wisdoms and take our rightful place in the purpose of anchoring Heaven on Earth and the State of Universal Peace. Contained within each message are Mantras of which can be used as a personal tool to assist with our awakening. It may be the “key” that unlocks the blockages that have been holding you back through the lifetimes. The language opens you to the Higher Universal Mind and has the ability to cut through the barriers of darkness to accesses your Divine Light - your “I Am that I Am”. Some of the comments that are given to me after people have heard the language for the first time is that they felt it was very familiar, like they have heard it before, or that they feel they have spoken it themselves. What I hope you can gain from these messages is to recognise the Mighty Being that you are, and open to the Highest level of consciousness available to you at this time. Much healing can come from working with this process, because as you open more and more to your higher states of consciousness you allow yourself to become totally at One with the Laws of the Universe and you have so much more of your greatness to work with. Your recorded Keys Enoch/Mantra message will be sent via email with a downloadable link. I welcome you once again to the Blessing of this Gift, the Language of Light.............

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Channelled Sound Frequencies

Awakening the pineal gland and emit powerful healing vibrations of Source Light.
ChristinA channels from her I Am, Ametron, the carrier of the Sound Keys of Enouch, awakening you to the forgotten wisdoms contained within.

Awakening through the process of LUXOR Light activates and stimulates the pineal gland and the natural progression is to become a pure and direct channel for Source Light through the vibration of Sound. We call this Sacred Sound Healing. The Sounds are the Frequencies of your True Self or your I Am Presence/God Self emitting the light of the crystaline frequencies from Source. Ametron Truth Sacred Sound healing awakens you to become a direct and clear channel; It is not learned it is awakened!

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