Thoth Codes of Wisdom

Thoth and the Codes of Wisdom and Learning

Thoth God of Wisdom and Writing

Thoth was considered the heart and tongue of Ra the ancient Egyptian Sun God of Wisdom and Writing.  Thoth was also considered as the means by which Ra's Will was translated into speech and he has been likened to the Logos of Plato and to Universal Mind.

Thoth Brings Balance between our Battle of Wills

Thoth acted as an emissary between the opposing armies of Horus and Seth.  He eventually helped to bring peace between the two gods.  Thoth then held the role of mediator between opposites and his energies can assist in alchemically galancing our battles of wills.

This recording passes on high frequency Light Codes and Light messages of Wisdom as passed through to me via the wisdom teachings of Thoth.  They are the first stage of a series of High Frequency Light Codes and messages that assist in clearing the old outworn aspects of self.  Thes encode new upgraded light codes enabling alchemical shifts in consciousness awaking one to the Higher Self and upgrading us to our new resurrected bodies of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Thoth:  Wisdom and Learning
                 Accessing the Higher/Universal Mind

                 Welcoming your “Teacher”

Following on from these Codes of Alchemy are Hermes, Enoch and Metraton, to be worked with respectively....

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