New Message from Serapis

Serapis Bey and Serapis the Greek God

I was given a new message from Serapis today.

The vision of both Serapis Bey, the Master of Ascension and Serapis the Greek God of the Cult of Serapis in Alexandria came to me throughout the channeling.

This links the two together in some way. ...

In the Footsteps of the Master

In February 2016, I will be following signposts from Serapis in Egypt and you can follow along with me too if you register to follow along.  There will be plenty of opportunity to receive the latest messages, Keys and Codes from Serapis Bey, Ascended Master of Ascension.  

Serapis resides in the Etheric Temple of Ascension above the Etheric Temple of Luxor in Egypt.  

Keeper of the Keys

Holding the gift of the Keeper of the Keys you can visit with me in the physical in Luxor twice a year to be aligned and receive the Light Codes and Ascension Keys.  These Keys must be sound activated.  This is my mission and the gift I carry. 

Listen to this language of light recording without expectation and without the need to know.  The message will be unique to you working at the level removed from the ego.

Listen with your eyes closed and your heart open and you will receive the light codes relevant to you.

Infinite Blessings to you


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Awakening through the process of LUXOR Light activates and stimulates the pineal gland and the natural progression is to become a pure and direct channel for Source Light through the vibration of Sound. We call this Sacred Sound Healing. The Sounds are the Frequencies of your True Self or your I Am Presence/God Self emitting the light of the crystaline frequencies from Source. Ametron Truth Sacred Sound healing awakens you to become a direct and clear channel; It is not learned it is awakened!

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